About Us

Is It Sunshine was started a few years ago by a former weather forecaster and a couple of journalists. It was their goal to provide a platform for people for people to get updated on the weather status. They wanted to create a platform that will make it easy for busy people like them to check out the weather and be updated about it and what to do in cases of emergencies. This is the reason why they created this website.

In turn, Is It Sunshine became a popular website for this reason. They found a way to make a website that doesn’t just give details about the weather but also lets people understand what is happening to the world and what caused certain weather changes or disturbances.

For over 10 years, Is It Sunshine successfully delivered news about the weather and seasons from all over the world. But as time passed by, we still cannot deny that disasters and accidents happen on the roads because of the lack of knowledge about things. People think it is okay to go out, drive off without even knowing what may happen when they don’t know about the weather. That is why Is It Sunshine took action and gave everyone advice and tips on this website on what to do and what not to do for specific types of weather. We all know that danger may come anytime but being prepared and knowing what to do at times like this can still help us prepare and make ourselves safe.

With the lessons we post, we know that even those little things can help anyone. Now, we don’t just help people by giving them the weather forecast and news, but we also manage to give useful warnings, tips and lessons so anyone can be prepared every time.