Hi, I am still new to this website since I just saw this when I was searching for news about the weather. I wonder how can I see the weather forecast?

Hello! Thank you so much for checking this website out. We are glad that you took time to visit us. For the weather forecasts, you can see it by clicking the ‘forecasts’ section on the left side of this page. You can see the latest updates through that section and you can also check the older news by searching for the date, time and also the place. Don’t forget to select your location to avoid getting a different weather forecast, thank you.

I’ve wanted to ask where can I see the lessons and tips you post? And what do you share with it?

We are very glad that you are interested in seeing those lessons and tips because we’re sure that it will be of great help. The lessons share the things people should do during weather changes and also the right things to do in the current weather and seasons. We share tips as well on how we can be prepared especially when we don’t know if a natural disaster may happen anytime. People’s safety is of utmost importance and we have to take care of ourselves, be prepared and we have to know what to do in times of danger as well. We share these to let people be safe all the time.

I wonder what you mean by the different ‘icons’ you use to indicate the weather whenever I visit or use the map of this website?

The ‘icons’ on the top of every place in our map shows the current weather of a certain place. For example, if it is rainy in a specific area, the icon of that place will automatically change into a ‘rainy’ picture. There‚Äôs an icon for each area and these are always updated real-time.