Daniel K.
I visit this website every day to make sure that the weather is good before I leave my house for work. Since I used to be a person who doesn’t really update much about the weather, I always end up going home soaked in rain because I wasn’t prepared. I barely have time for news because I go home late and I go to work too early in the morning. Seeing this website is actually a blessing for me because I can now be updated quickly and I get to be prepared for weather changes.

David L.
I have been a regular visitor of Is It Sunshine for the last few years even though there are many weather forecasts out there. I find this website easy to use and reliable. Some websites update slowly and it takes a lot of time to see the news update about the weather so it’s actually more problematic. When I found this site, I thought they’ll be like the others but I was wrong. I liked this website in no time and decided to use it from then on.

Honey L.
I always go out and go for a trip all the time, but of course, being a clueless and irresponsible person at first, I end up ruining my own trip because I’m not prepared. Sometimes when I go out, it will suddenly rain heavily and I will be stranded for a long time which is problematic for me because I have schedules that I need to keep. I couldn’t afford to ruin my vacation like that again especially when I’m with my family or friends so I really thank my friend who suggested that I should use this website to be updated about the weather forecast. It was also great that this website post tips and lessons on what we all should do and how to be prepared. This website is really helpful for me so thanks a lot!